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Introducing our new exclusive range of luxury, all natural skin and body care products.



Ecoco, the Ecological Cosmetic Company.
Caring for your skin since 1965

Ecoco draws inspiration from the ancient skin care secrets and only use all-natural ingredients. Our hypo-allergenic products are made locally in South Africa with the purest 100% natural ingredients available and conform to the latest developments in cosmetic science. All our products are eco friendly.

We’ve developed over a hundred products in our 5 product ranges:
flower, green, natural therapy, hand & feet and men's
. At the heart of each product lies the natural power to fulfill all your skins desires, whether it is to nourish, energise, relax, pamper, refresh, or soothe.
Our skin care products have been specifically formulated for different skin types: normal/combination, oily/problem or dry/sensitive. The combinations are carefully chosen to treat the various skin types. So get ready to discover your new skin...

Ecoco was established in 1965 by Dickie Poorter who still owns it today.



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